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The hottest and most sustainable firewood is the long-lasting, all-wood North Idaho Energy Log.   
Why use densified North Idaho Energy Logs?

Zero trees felled solely for firewood 

100% rescued wood waste composition (bark and mill shavings) saves landfill space.

100% insect-free logs for optimum inside storage

Safer than split wood: no sparking or popping

Less particulate emission than wood (cleaner air); less ash and creosote (cleaner stove and chimney) 

Far lower moisture content than even well-seasoned cordwood 

Incredible burn time: one densified Energy Log burns 8 hours or more in a woodstove

8,600 BTUs per pound (oak=6,000 BTUs per pound)

"Resource-efficient firelogs made with 100% renewable resources, instead of petroleum, are now available for a 'carbon-neutral' fire. Firelogs produce approximately 70% less toxic air pollution than firewood. They produce significantly less carbon monoxide and creosote as compared to firewood."  ~ Oregon DEQ  

About North Idaho Energy Logs

Manufactured, "densified" North Idaho firelogs are made entirely of RECOVERED wood (wood shavings and sawdust), dried, heated, and compressed at 20,000 psi into logs that adhere through wood's naturally occurring lignin. NO ADDITIVES. See this article on densified wood for more information.

Densified logs burn hotter and cleaner than waxed firelogs (Duraflame, Pine Mountain, etc.) which are unsuitable for woodstoves. Densified firelogs are considered the optimum fuel by most stove makers and sellers because they are pure wood with an extremely low moisture content (7%).

Densified logs are RELIABLE because they are always "seasoned" and because you always know--unlike cordwood--the quantity of the product.

Densified Energy Logs boast 8,600 BTUs per lb. (hardest cordwoods = 7,000 BTUs per lb.) Sweep's Library

 In fireplaces, Energy Logs burn about 2-4 hours, and in most woodstoves 8 or more hours.

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